Omega-3 fatty acids – the compounds that lend fish the name of "brain food" – are well known to boost cognitive function, and have also been associated with a healthy immune system and improvements in mood. Because of this, it's important for men and women in Houston to seek out omega-3 rich foods and dietary supplements to help them age gracefully. Among these demonstrated benefits, scientists have also discovered yet another reason to enjoy a bit of seafood on a regular basis.

According to a press release from Queen Mary, University of London, researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids may be able to stop the spread of various oral and skin cancers. After growing cancer cell cultures in a lab, the scientists reportedly administered omega-3 fatty acids and found that they spurred the production of a growth factor which they believe led to cell death among malignant and nonmalignant bodies. Healthy cells, meanwhile, were not negatively affected by the dose.

"It may be that those at an increased risk of such cancers – or their recurrence – could benefit from increased omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, as the skin and oral cancers are often easily accessible, there is the potential to deliver targeted doses locally via aerosols or gels," said Dr Zacharoula Nikolakopoulou, leader of the study.

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