Your hormones have a larger impact on your body than you might think. While they control your metabolism, sexual function, growth, and development, they also influence your emotional and mental well-being. This can affect your mood and perhaps even your ability to connect with others and develop strong, meaningful relationships. According to Very Well Mind, a chemical or hormone imbalance may lead to social anxiety disorder.

If you live with SAD, read on to learn about the imbalance you may have, plus helpful solutions to consider.

Hormones and social anxiety

Anxiety can be brought on by various elements. Environmental changes and medical factors are common, but it’s likely due to genetics or brain chemistry. According to MindBodyGreen, someone living with social anxiety may have one of the following hormone imbalances:

  • Cortisol or adrenaline: Adrenal fatigue can occur when your cortisol levels are imbalanced, causing feelings of depression or anxiousness.
  • Insulin: Eating too many bad carbohydrates can lead to insulin overproduction, which can cause fatigue, irritability and anxiety.
  • Estrogen or testosterone: When these hormones are too high or low, anxiety is expected. This is especially true in women during pre-menstruation, perimenopause or menopause.

Very Well Mind also believes thyroid hormones may influence social anxiety, as an overactive thyroid can cause increased heart rate, profuse sweating, shaking and even heart palpitations.

How to relieve Social Anxiety

Reducing your anxiety through a variety of lifestyle changes can help you re-balance your hormones and feel relief from SAD. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Exercise regularly. Increase your testosterone and oxytocin with a moderate workout a couple of days a week.
  • Follow a balanced diet. MBG recommended focusing on your gut health to regulate your hormone levels.
  • Find ways to minimize stress. Reduce cortisol by de-stressing. Yoga, long baths or meditation may be worth considering.
  • Take natural supplements. Vitamins and minerals can help regulate your hormone levels.
  • Get your hormone levels checked. If something feels off and you can’t reduce your social anxiety naturally, you may consider getting your hormone levels checked. You may be living with a thyroid condition, menopause or a severe hormone imbalance. If any of these instances are true, hormone therapy may be the right route for you.

For more information on bioidentical hormone therapy or other regenerative medicine options available at the Longevity & Stem Cell Center of Houston, contact us today. We look forward to helping you live your most fulfilling life.