As you grow older, it's only natural to experience a few aches and pains – and perhaps even a drop in energy level and memory retention. In many cases, a number of these physical and mental changes can be addressed through anti-aging medicine. But, if you want to consult a broader medical resource before scheduling an appointment with an anti-aging doctor, look no further than HealthTap – an interactive health network that gives you access to expert medical advice right from your smartphone.

Essentially acting as a Facebook for medical practitioners, HealthTap and its related apps give members the chance to peruse accredited, peer-reviewed health information, and even get in touch with doctors who can help address their unique concerns.

"Ask any health question and get quick answers from thousands of trusted, U.S.-licensed physicians," states the official website.

Rather than sifting through countless articles on WebMD and other online resources to find detail that may relate to your situation, you can direct specific queries to an entire network of doctors who can provide expert feedback. While this of course can't take the place of an in-person consultation, it can act as a great starting point to get the treatment you need – or provide peace of mind if you tend to fret over the small things. You can even engage in a private conversation with a doctor online to discuss more specific concerns.

As an added bonus, HealthTap also provides daily tips to promote your overall health and aging longevity, and can direct your to the nearest (and most respected) anti-aging doctor near you. We are proud to be a part of this network, and encourage you to reach out to us through HealthTap or visit our clinics in Houston and Denver.