Back in 2010, DePuy – a group of organizations that develop orthopedic medical devices – issued a worldwide recall for its ASR (articular surface replacement) XL Acetabular Hip System prosthesis – a hip implant that had been used in replacement surgeries across the globe. According to reports, the hip implants were recalled in light of numerous studies that revealed substantial defects in the design.

These issues were brought to light by a report from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales, which indicated that the failure rate for DePuy's hip implants far exceeded that of other brands.  One of the most detrimental side effects associated with these devices has been heavy metal poisoning. The hip implants produced by DePuy were made from cobalt and chromium components, and medical researchers have theorized that the grinding together of these two elements may have led to the widely documented instances of heavy metal toxicity.

In 2011, the Medical Journal of Australia reviewed the cases of two individuals who experienced a pronounced decline in overall health and aging longevity after the implantation of ASR devices. One of the patients – a 73-year-old woman – reportedly suffered from memory loss and depression, as well as weight loss and an ever-present metallic taste in her mouth. The study notes that the second person, a 60-year-old male, had been aging gracefully prior to his hip replacement surgery, with no substantial complaints regarding his physical or mental state.

"Three years after the surgery," the study states, "he developed symptoms that steadily increased in severity: painful muscle fatigue in all limbs associated with cramps in the hands and feet, particularly at night; dyspnoea and feeling faint when performing simple tasks; inability to climb a flight of stairs without needing to rest; and a decline in cognitive function."

The researchers attributed these symptoms to high levels of cobalt found in the systems of both patients.

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