As much as we may hate to admit it, toxic pollutants are all around us. While it’s true that there are much harsher regulations regarding the use of pesticides and other chemicals, there is still far too much that we don’t know about the food we eat and the household products we use on a daily basis. As we reported on this blog last year, even something as seemingly innocuous as tuna fish – which has long been a staple in American lunches – may well be brimming with heavy metals like mercury that can impair your aging longevity in many ways.

Now, new research from Dartmouth has indicated that this problem could be getting worse. According to a press release distributed by ScienceDaily, the scientists have found that global warming has contributed to a rise in ocean temperatures that could be increasing the amount of mercury in the fish we consume.

“Until now, little has been known about how global warming may affect mercury bioaccumulation in marine life, and no previous study has demonstrated the effects using fish in both laboratory and field experiments,” the source states. The scientists observed the behavior of killifish and noted that warmer temperatures caused them to consume more food and led to a higher level so mercury in their systems.

Time will tell if and how this discovery effects attitudes toward global warming or the regulation of seafood. However, if you are concerned about mercury and other heavy metals, contact Longevity Centres of America in Houston today. We offer the detoxification treatment known as IV chelation, which extracts these harmful substances from your system while replenishing stores of healthy vitamins and minerals.