Just yesterday, we told our readers about how they can boost their aging longevity and help beat hypertension through helping others. It seems, however, that participating in volunteer work isn't just good for keeping your blood pressure down, it can help you live longer in general, but only if you do it for the right reasons. 

In addition to the data we reported, two studies conducted at the University of Michigan reveal similar results. According to a study by Stephanie Brown at  the university's Institute for Social Research, elderly persons who were more active in helping and supporting others were living longer.

Another study went on even further to conclude that volunteerism lengthened lives only when the activity was done for selfless reasons.

According to the study, "Volunteers lived longer than people who didn't volunteer if they reported altruistic values or a desire for social connections as the main reasons for wanting to volunteer."

People who said they volunteered for their own personal satisfaction had the same mortality rate four years later as those who did not volunteer at all, according to the study.  So the next time you go to do something for someone else, do your best to feel genuine care and compassion for them as well.

"It is reasonable for people to volunteer in part because of benefits to the self; however, our research implies that, ironically, should these benefits to the self become the main motive for volunteering, they may not see those benefits," said Andrea Fuhrel-Forbis, co-author of the study on volunteerism.

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