Previously on this blog, we discussed just how important vitamin D is for aging longevity. This nutrient, which can be obtained from sunlight but is not found in many foods, helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is vital for strong, healthy bones. In fact, a Danish study we covered in July revealed that low levels of vitamin D were associated with mobility restrictions in old age and a higher risk of mortality overall. 

Now, a comprehensive review of vitamin D levels around the world has revealed that more than a third of the global population is not getting enough of this all-important nutrient. Though there were some gaps in the data – little research was available from Latin America, for example – it's clear that health care professionals, legislators and private citizens everywhere have to be more mindful of this issue.

"Public health officials must address the impact of inadequate vitamin D status on fracture risk and overall health in their ageing populations as well as on children and adolescents," International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) CEO Judy Stenmark said of the findings. "IOF urges further research as well as public health measures that would help to improve vitamin D status in these high-risk population groups."

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