It has long been speculated that your mental state can have an impact on your physical health. Men and women facing serious conditions are continually told to keep their spirits up as a way to supplement their treatment, and many have sworn by the benefits of a positive attitude.

Recently on this blog, we also discussed how an individual’s perception of an issue – namely, stress – may even compound the harm it causes. Now, a new study has shed light on a different way that your mindset can affect your ability to age gracefully.

According to a press release from the University of Southern California, researchers have discovered that older Americans who succumb to the “stereotype threat,” or the widely held belief that aging entails memory loss and confusion, may be more likely to exhibit these qualities.

“Older adults should be careful not to buy into negative stereotypes about aging – attributing every forgetful moment to getting older can actually worsen memory problems,” explained lead author and USC Davis scholar Sarah Barber.

The study involved recruiting Americans between the ages of 59 and 79 to perform a series of recollection-based tests. One selection of participants was asked to read a series of fictional articles on elderly memory loss before completing the examination. Barber and her associates found that test-takers who were faced with this stereotype beforehand did not perform as well as those who were not – specifically when the article-readers were offered a financial reward for how much they recollected.

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