While heart disease can affect people of all ages and background, it’s no secret that this health concern becomes more prevalent as we age. And, by far one of the harrowing aspects of this condition is the risk of suffering a stroke or cardiac arrest. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 935,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack every year – and, for roughly a third of that number, it isn’t their first.

Due to the prevalence of heart disease in the United States, organizations like the American Heart Association have launched substantial public awareness campaigns that emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, such as scheduling regular exercise and following a more regimented diet.

Recently, a new study has gotten even more specific about the foods that can combat the risk of a heart attack. According to a press release posted on RedOrbit, scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health and England’s University of East Anglia conducted a study on the benefits of certain berries for overall heart health.

The release states that the 18-year-long effort involved 93,600 women between 19 and 42 ages of old who were required to fill out surveys about their dietary habits every four years. By monitoring the health of these women in that time and conferring with the nutritional data for each participant, the researchers determined that the simple act of eating more blueberries and strawberries could have a significant impact on heart attack risk.

“We have shown that even at an early age, eating more of these fruits may reduce risk of a heart attack later in life,” said lead author Dr. Aedin Cassidy of UAE.

As well as adjusting their diets to incorporate heart-healthy foods, women (and men) who are concerned about a heart condition may want to consider IV chelation treatment. The anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America have been administering this beneficial detoxification procedure for years with miraculous results.