At Longevity Centres of America, we've seen countless clients in Denver and Houston who have struggled with their weight for years, some jumping from one fad diet to another while others spend hours at the gym with little result. However, as researchers from Stanford University recently noted in a new study, to truly make transformative changes for your health, you must commit to exercise and nutrition to an equal degree.

The scientists worked with 200 middle-aged sedentary individuals, most of whom were overweight, to determine the best approach, not particularly to shedding pounds, but to developing a healthier lifestyle overall. According to USA Today, which covered the study, the researchers found that participants who changed their diets and exercise regimens simultaneously saw better results than those who altered one aspect of their lifestyle and then the other.

"It comes down to making them both priorities and thinking about both throughout the day," Stanford professor Abby King, a lead researcher involved with the project, told the national news outlet.

This discovery echoes the comprehensive approach that our anti-aging experts have long taken to improve the overall health and quality of life of our clients. When you visit our Houston or Denver clinic for a consultation, we can provide guidance regarding everything from the food and dietary supplements to the exercise schedule that will best help you ward off life-altering ailments and generally feel better as you age. In addition, we also offer colonics, IV chelation, hormone replacement therapy and medical weight loss in Houston and Denver.

Are you ready to cast off your bad habits and start living again? If so, contact our anti-aging specialists today to learn how we can help you realize your potential.