As beneficial as it is to rid your body of harmful chemicals and heavy metals via IV chelation or some other detoxification process, another important element of living well is giving your body the nutrients it needs. And, this time of year, your immune system requires a particular jolt to fend off cold and flu viruses. After all, Thanksgiving is just a day away, so whether you're preparing a feast yourself or traveling miles for a family gathering, you want to feel your best.

Despite all the advances in medical treatments over the centuries, scientists have yet to find a cure for the common cold. However, by incorporating a few immune-enhancing ingredients into your diet, you may be able to curtail this irritating disease, or even prevent it altogether.

In addition to drinking lots of fluids and stocking up on citrus, Heather Bauer of U.S. News and World Report recommends seeking out greek yogurt and pumpkin puree.

You may already know that yogurt is full of bioactive ingredients that help your digestive system run smoothly, but this treat also helps strengthen your immune system against infection.

Pumpkin, meanwhile, is a delicious seasonal ingredient that also happens to be loaded with antioxidants including beta-carotene, which fights bacteria. Your average pumpkin pie is typically filled with too much sugar to have many health benefits, but, you never know, a more health-conscious recipe may transform this traditional Thanksgiving dessert into a delicious immune-booster.

Knowing which ingredients provide the most fuel for your immune system is a great way to defend yourself against diseases that can keep you from aging well. However, as meticulous as you may be about your diet, sometimes your body just needs a cleanse. The Longevity Centres of America offers a number of rejuvenating detox services that can leave you feeling better than ever.