While following a wholesome diet provides optimal nutrition, fasting comes with various health benefits. According to Heathline, it fights inflammation, improves blood pressure, controls blood sugar and may even boost brain function. Fasting also has a reputation for helping people lose weight, and when complemented by a program like ProLon, there may be an even greater chance of reaping the benefits.

What is ProLon?

prolon medical weight lossThe ProLon Fasting Mimicking five-day dietary program is perfect for those who are interested in fasting but want to avoid the burden and dangers that come with cutting out everything but water over a long period of time. The program comes with five small boxes that include bars, soups, snacks, drinks and supplements for each day.

How does ProLon work?

This plant-based program is designed to provide the necessary essential vitamins and minerals needed to make it through the day without going over 1,100 calories. Reducing caloric intake is one of the essential factors to weight loss, so ProLon makes this possible by supporting healthy metabolic marker levels. The program also boosts cellular rejuvenation and promotes overall health and optimal aging.

The Effects of ProLon

The overall benefits achieved from the ProLon fast outweigh the challenging moments of temptation to cheat. Generally, the day-to-day is broken down as follows:

  • Day 1
    The first day has been reported to be the most difficult, so it is recommended that anyone trying this program wait to start until they’re not expected to perform any rigorous activity
  • Day 2
    By the second day, end-of-day fatigue is common, but mild ketosis tends to set in, meaning the body will burn stored fats, as opposed to any ingested glucose.
  • Day 3-4
    On the third and fourth days, the body is in full ketosis and fatigue tends to wane. In fact, energy typically returns at this time and some return to normal exercising routines.
  • Day 5
    By the fifth and final day, the results are typically a positive mood shift and an overall lighter and healthier sense of self. Weight loss of one to five pounds is potentially achieved as well.

After this kick-start to the system, appetites are curbed and hunger is naturally suppressed. For those who want to continue the healthy habits, reducing calorie intake by 200-300 calories per day isn’t as challenging. Maintenance diets and healthy lifestyles are much easier to transition into once the ProLon fast has ended. In fact, it is common for those who have experienced ProLon to return to the fast and commit to 5 days per month, every month moving forward.

ProLon is now offered at the Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston. To learn more, contact us today.