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How are the hormones replaced?
What results can I expect?
Is it safe?
Are there any side effects?

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How Can Longevity Centres help with Restorative Medicine?

The Longevity Centres of America, have physicians who take their guidance from the American Academy of Anti-Aging MedicineAmerican College for Advancement in MedicineAmerican Society of Bariatric Physicians, European Academy of Quality of Life and Longevity Medicine. We are a Restorative Medical clinic that that utilize new and novel treatments to restore health. Since declining hormones cause us to age, it is logical that replacing those hormones would positively affect the aging clock. Utilizing the latest Laboratory Analysis and Diagnostic Testing, we are able to treat you before symptoms occur.

How are the hormones replaced?

The human body prefers physiologic prescriptions and treatments. Testosterone and Estrogen is best delivered as a Subcutaneous Implant. Testosterone pellet implants have many of the ideal features of a long-acting androgen depot [storage], including being safe, highly effective with stable clinical and bio-chemical effects, economical, providing flexible dosing, and excellent long-acting properties due to a near-zero-order dissolution. A single biodegradable provides stable, effective, and well-tolerated replacement for 4-6 months and pellets can provide excellent androgen replacement in most physiological settings. The only clinically proven way to deliver Growth hormone is as a daily injection.

Does it work?

Yes! This is not a fanciful search for the fountain of youth. It is medical science at its best. We employ the most sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols.

How much hormone will I take?

Dr. Pearsall will prescribe whatever amount it takes to get your hormone levels to a point that you are achieving optimal results. That will probably be the middle to upper end of the normal and safe range as shown in lab tests.

When should I think about replacing hormones?

Those who suffer from a hormone imbalance should seek advice at any time but typically, hormones start to decline in the mid-to-late twenties. By age 35 declines may be sufficient enough that symptoms become evident. The best time to get evaluated is at the time symptoms become evident.

Do I have to replace all hormones i.e. testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid and DHEA?

Hormones may be replaced separately or in combination. The Best results are obtained when all declining or imbalanced hormonal conditions are corrected. We understand the cost limitation on growth hormone, but the cost for Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, and DHEA is considered affordable.

How long must I commit to hormone replacement?

The commitment should last as long as you want the results.

Will hormone therapy help sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can have many causes; however, replacing hormones is the best way to start treatment. We suggest raising your testosterone to a healthy level along with an Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Evaluation (if cost is not a prohibitive factor). There are also products for men (ie: Viagra or Cialis) that increase the amount of nitric oxide in the blood to aid sexual mechanics, but these products have no effect on Libido. We strongly recommend not using a product such as Viagra or Cialis without first taking care of testosterone levels. Using only Viagra or Cialis, you may find that the mechanics are temporarily fixed, but you will not have a desire to use the erection.

Does growth hormone have to be injected?

Yes. It is the only medically proven way growth hormone can enter the body and be absorbed correctly. It has been medically proven that HGH cannot be absorbed through the membranes of the mouth, skin or digestive system.

How can a supplement company claim that their Oral Spray or Pill will raise Growth Hormone Levels?

This is essentially a legal issue. The FDA categorizes Nutritional Supplements as a Food and not a Drug. A supplement must be “safe for consumption”. A supplement company may say just about anything they want about their product…as long as they post a disclaimer (ie: supplement X is not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition). On the other hand, a drug is intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition. All drug benefit claims must have scientific proof to back up those claims.

What are the health risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Patients using testosterone should seek medical attention immediately if symptoms of a heart attack or stroke are present, such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  • Weakness in one part or one side of the body
  • Slurred speech

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