We all like to think that age is just a number, but as the years go on, the gradual development of frustrating aches and pains – not to mention a drop in libido – can be difficult to ignore. Thankfully, there are many behaviors and anti-aging treatments like testosterone and estrogen pellet implants that can counter the physical and cognitive changes once seen as inevitable.

In fact, a recent study that was presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting this week shed light on an initiative that can help elderly Americans counter the most frustrating aspects of aging. According to a press release from the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York, researchers have found that introducing exercise programs in senior centers throughout the city had a positive effect on pain management and mobility among the elderly.

"Getting seniors to be active in any way will generally improve their quality of life and help them function better in their everyday activities," said rheumatologist Dr. Linda Russell in the press release.

The research focused on the benefits of older Asian Americans, as this segment of the population is more prone to bone conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. They found that taking part in regular targeted exercises could help members of this community enjoy a better quality of life overall. 

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