Due to the high levels of asbestos, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants used to build the structures we live in and harvest the food we eat, it is all too common for individuals – even those who are relatively careful about what they eat, drink and wear – to be adversely affected by these ever-present chemicals.

While the federal government does issue restrictions regarding the amount of toxins found in consumer goods, not all pollutants are specified in these guidelines. According to the Environmental Working Group, tests conducted on American drinking water between 2004 and 2009 revealed that the liquid we drink contains high levels of pollutants.

"More than half of the chemicals detected are not subject to health or safety regulations and can legally be present in any amount," the source states. "The federal government does have health guidelines for others, but 49 of these contaminants have been found in one place or another at levels above those guidelines."

The source suggests using filters that have been certified to eradicate pollutants before drinking or cooking with water from your tap. Be sure to change your filter regularly to avoid buildup. In addition, don't take for granted that bottled water is any purer or cleaner than the kind in your kitchen.

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