While no one is denying the need to research cures for cancer and heart disease – two of the gravest medical concerns facing the global population today – one group of researchers has recently argued that we must invest more time and money into treatments and lifestyle changes that can actively slow down the aging process.

"In the last half-century, major life expectancy gains were driven by finding ways to reduce mortality from fatal diseases. But now disabled life expectancy is rising faster than total life expectancy, leaving the number of years that one can expect to live in good health unchanged or diminished," Dana Goldman of University of Southern California said in a recent press release.

Goldman, in association with lead statisticians and economists from Harvard University, Columbia University and other prominent academic institutions, argues that we must devote more resources to tackling the aspects of aging that have so long been seen as inevitable in order to ease the financial strain on government and medical entities while helping Americans enjoy better quality of life as the years go on. In addition, Goldman argues that finding ways to delay this process may even aid in ongoing efforts to reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions as well.

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