At the Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston, our restorative medical doctors are devoted to treating mental and physical ailments that many people assume are just natural parts of the aging process. However, such common complaints as unprecedented weight gain, anxiety and tiredness can often be addressed with restorative medicine.

Recently, the AARP addressed a widespread health concern that, though it can be the root of many troubling symptoms, regularly goes undiagnosed. According to the source, too many individuals simply don’t realize that problems like tiredness and weight fluctuation can all be related to their thyroid. This gland, which is located at the bottom of the neck, has a hand in many vital bodily processes that are spurred by the hormones it produces.

The AARP article tells the story of Maggie Kruger, who noticed a sudden change in her metabolism after she turned 40. As well as putting on an unprecedented 40 pounds – despite not making any changes to her diet or exercise regimen – Kruger reportedly noticed that her hair was thinning and her nails had become more brittle.

“I had all the classic symptoms of thyroid disease, but he never tested for it,” Kruger told the source, adding that the first doctor she visited simply thought she was overeating due to depression.

She later found out that her thyroid was no longer producing hormones, and that this shift was responsible for the wide range of symptoms she displayed. This issue is known medically as hypothyroidism.

As the American Thyroid Association explains, thyroid hormones are essential for the health of every cell in the body, so thyroid hormone replacement therapy is often used to treat hypothyroidism.

This treatment is one of many forms of hormone replacement therapy that we offer at our Houston and Denver clinics. In addition, we also provide testosterone and pellet implants to help counter the effects of aging.