While some of the greatest health concerns posed by excessive weight gain have been fairly well publicized, others have not been as thoroughly emblazoned on the minds of average Americans. You're most likely aware that improper nutrition and physical inactivity have been linked to diabetes and poor heart health, but what about arthritis, infertility and sleep apnea?

This week, The Associated Press- NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released the results of a nationwide poll conducted at the end of 2012. The researchers interviewed just over 1,000 people to gauge public awareness about the health risks posed by obesity.

Not surprisingly, 70 percent of participants cited diabetes and heart disease – two of the most widespread medical concerns in the country – as possible complications from being very overweight. However, the majority of respondents were unaware that obesity can also increase the likelihood of contracting certain cancers, as well as developing breathing issues and osteoarthritis, among other problems.

As the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute notes, carrying excess weight can also lead to reproductive issues, gallstones and stroke.

Carrying excess weight can also have a significant impact on your emotional state, particularly if you are self-conscious about the way you look. So, why not treat the new year as an opportunity to improve your health, and your life in general, by resolving to shed those extra pounds?

However, while exercising on a daily basis and being more mindful of their diets may work for some people, not everyone can slim down this way. If these methods have routinely failed you in the past, consult an anti-aging doctor at Longevity Centres of America about medical weight loss in Denver and Houston. This procedure can help you regain control of your health, allowing you to age gracefully.