If ever there were a testament to just how much is left to achieve in middle age and beyond, it has to be the incredible story of Diana Nyad. The 64-year-old American swimmer made history this week as the first person to successfully swim from Cuba to Florida without using a shark tank.

According to CBS, Nyad had tried this incredible feat in her 20s, but failure kept her from attempting it again for decades. Then, when she turned 60 years old, she regained her urge to make the jaw-dropping journey, and after three more unsuccessful tries, she finally made it to Florida's Key West on Monday, September 2.

Nyad's story has inspired countless Americans, not so much because of the physical athleticism involved, but the swimmer's unbridled determination. She would not accept that she could not complete the journey. She would not accept that her age would somehow restrict her.

"I'm more of [.. a] human spirit story than I am a sports story," she told the news outlet. "[My supporters,] they're looking at me as a baby boomer, saying life is not over at this age by any means."

Remember how you use to envision life in your 40s, 50s and 60s? Chances are, as a teenager and 20 something, you perceived these decades as the beginning of the end, when you gave up on spontaneous adventures and became a full-fledged and overly burdened adult. However, as the years have gone on, your perception of this period has probably changed, as you've realized that you are just as full of life and energy as you were decades before.

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