Thanks in part to the efforts of organizations like the American Heart Association, most people in Denver and Houston have a general sense of the dietary choices and lifestyle habits that could put them at risk for serious health concerns like stroke and cardiac arrest. Recently, The Huffington Post summed up years of research regarding the foods that middle-aged individuals should cut down on at all costs in order to age gracefully.

The first offender featured by the news outlet is salt. Within the last year, researchers from the World Health Organization have reported that the global consumption of sodium must be better regulated, since this mineral increases the risk of high blood pressure and its consequent health complications.

However, since Americans have long had a love affair with this ingredient, keep in mind that you may find it in items you'd least expect, so double-check any nutrition labels and do your best to cook meals yourself.

Sugar is another item that is used to enhance the taste of everything from fruit juice to pasta sauce, and – like salt – it is consumed in far too substantial amounts in the United States and abroad. Taking in too much sugar can lead to diabetes, and a 2009 study from the University of Montreal also established a connection between this sweetener and accelerated aging.

Cutting down on salt and sugar may prove more challenging than you think, as many food manufacturers rely on these two ingredients to keep consumers coming back for more. For more information about how your diet can affect your long-term health, contact the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America. At our clinics in Houston and Denver, we also provide rejuvenating and detoxifying treatments like colonics, IV chelation therapy and more.