As we get older, our hormone levels naturally drop. This depletion affects everything from energy level to weight distribution, but the most well-known victim of hormone loss is undoubtedly the libido. If you’ve been considering testosterone or estrogen pellet implant to restore your youthful lust for life, among other things, then this new finding from New York University (NYU) may be just the push you need to schedule an appointment with an anti-aging doctor.

According to a university press release, researchers have discovered that oxytocin – the hormone your body naturally releases in the throes of physical intimacy – may also facilitate healthy cognitive function. Also known as “the love hormone,” oxytocin was found to improve the passage of information through the brain.

“From […] previous findings, we predicted that oxytocin would dampen brain circuits in all ways, quieting both background noise and wanted signals,” explained lead researcher Richard Tsien of NYU’s Langone Medical Center. “Instead, we found that oxytocin increased the reliability of stimulated impulses – good for brain function, but quite unexpected.”

In addition to its potential ability to boost brain performance, oxytocin has also been shown to improve mood, mitigate the damaging effects of the stress hormone cortisol, and even promote a warm, loving feeling between romantic partners. Want to learn more about the love hormone and how you can recharge your libido? Contact the anti-aging experts at Longevity Centres of America to discuss the many benefits of compounded pellet hormones in Houston.