Year after year, heart disease has maintained its position as one of the greatest threats to American aging longevity. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this serious ailment takes the life of 600,000 people on average per annum. As such, people in Houston who truly want to look and feel their best as they grow older must take steps to protect this all-important organ.

In past posts, we've reviewed the extensive role that diet and exercise play in heart health. A recent study even revealed that middle-aged individuals could reduce their risk of cardiac issues by getting in better shape overall. Now, new research has indicated that a food known for protecting your brain may also insulate your heart.

Helmed by Jason Carter, an associate professor at Michigan Technological University, a team of researchers sought to evaluate the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, a press release from the American Physiological Association states. The scientists ultimately found that consuming fish oil supplements could mitigate the effects that mental stress had on blood flow, and may therefore be able to counteract the toll that anxiety and cognitive duress can take on heart health.

The researchers determined this by monitoring blood pressure and other factors in a group of adult participants when they were in a relaxed state, and as they were asked to complete a basic math challenge under a time constraint. These tests were conducted at the beginning of the study, and again eight weeks later – after one group was required to consume fish oil daily. The individuals who took the supplement reportedly showed a lesser degree of blood pressure and circulation spikes when under duress.

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