In a revelation that may put anxiety-prone Houston residents in a difficult position, new research has indicated that individuals who are the most concerned about the effects of stress on their system may actually be more susceptible to the very health issues they fear.

This analysis stems from an ongoing British study that has involved monitoring the long-term health of more than 7,000 government employees. The project, known as the Whitehall II study, began in 1985. Overall, a team of analysts led by Dr Hermann Nabi of the Inserm Medical Research Institute in France found that participants who believed that stress had affected their health "a lot or extremely" were as much as 50 percent more likely to experience cardiac arrest.

"We found that the association we observed between an individual's perception of the impact of stress on their health and their risk of a heart attack was independent of biological factors, unhealthy behaviors and other psychological factors," Dr. Nabi said in a press release published by ScienceDaily.

So, what does this mean for people in Houston who are worried about their stress levels? Simply that, instead of obsessing over how this factor is affecting your health, it may be time to take a proactive step toward effective stress management. Don't take for granted that excess levels of this cortisol-fueled feeling are just a part of life. At Longevity Centres of America, we can help you counter the impact of this pent-up anxiety. Contact us today to learn more about anti aging medicine, infusion therapy and other treatments that can help you age gracefully,