Fatigue is a minor symptom of certain medical conditions, as well as a result of poor lifestyle choices, such as an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. It’s described as a state of overall tiredness or lacking energy, according to Healthline.

It’s not uncommon for anyone to experience fatigue every once in awhile – but chronic fatigue is another story.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic fatigue syndrome impacts more than one million Americans. It’s more common than multiple sclerosis, lupus and certain types of cancer.

“Chronic fatigue is debilitating and complex.”

Chronic fatigue is defined as a “debilitating and complex” disorder that causes one to experience intense tiredness that cannot be relieved by rest, and may even be exacerbated by strenuous physical and mental activity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible causes and symptoms, as well as chronic fatigue management options:


Causes of CFS

According to the Mayo Clinic, scientists have not yet discovered an underlying cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. However, they have studied the following factors that may be linked to CFS:

  • Viral infections.
  • Hormone imbalances.
  • Immune system impairment.

Symptoms of CFS

Chronic fatigue syndrome goes beyond feeling overly tired. Here are a few of the other symptoms one might experience with CFS:

  • Loss of concentration.
  • A sore throat.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck and armpits.
  • Joint pain that doesn’t involve swelling or redness.
  • Extreme headache.
  • Poor sleep.
  • Extreme exhaustion that lasts more than 24 hours.

Chronic Fatigue Management

Since there is no concrete cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, those experiencing it must rely on management and treatment options. If you’re living with CFS, consider the following ways to alleviate symptoms:

Yoga is a great relaxation technique for relieving symptoms of chronic fatigue.

1. Relaxation techniques
Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are mentally and physically debilitating. Because of this, it’s important that you’re finding peace through relaxation techniques. Dr. Axe recommended the following:

  • Regular exercise – Keep up with a normal, paced exercise regimen.
  • A normal sleep routine – Go to sleep at the same time every night, setting an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning.
  • Meditation – Yoga and deep breathing exercise can help manage the symptoms.
  • Vacation – Taking a break from the “real world” provides a getaway from the stressors of life.

2. Cognitive behavioral therapy
Sometimes, talking to a counselor can help you see the issues from a different perspective.

According to the Mayo Clinic, cognitive behavioral therapy and self-management strategies are some of the most beneficial options for managing chronic fatigue.

Assistance from a professional can help you see the symptoms from a different light, offering a new way to take back control and alleviate the pain and discomfort.

3. Infusion therapy
Prioritizing vitamin and mineral intake is essential to overall wellness. Doctors will stress this for anyone, but especially those living with chronic illness and disease.

Beyond oral supplements, intravenous drug administration is an option that allows instant absorption of these essential vitamins and minerals.

At Longevity Centres of America, we provide Chronic Fatigue Infusion therapy for those dealing with the harsh symptoms of the disease. Our multi-vitamin, multi-mineral infusion ingredients include:

  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
  • Thiamine HCl (B-1)
  • Riboflavin 5 phosphate (B-2)
  • Pyridoxine HCl (B-6)
  • Dexpanthenol (B-5)
  • Niacinamide (B-3)
  • Hydroxocobalamin (B-12)
  • Folic acid (B-9)
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Manganese chloride
  • Zinc chloride
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Potassium chloride
  • Lidocaine (2%)

This vitamin and mineral combination encourages the body back to normalcy, enriching overall wellness and providing peace to those who experience intense exhaustion. For more information on Infusion Therapy, contact Longevity and Stem Cell Centre of Houston today.