Though few people had heard of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie before the charismatic politician threw his hat in the ring for the 2012 Presidential nomination, it seemed mere moments before the man had charmed journalists and prospective voters alike before ultimately pulling out of the race. However, as well-known as Christie is for his charm, his weight has also continued to be a topic of discussion, with some even speculating that the health risks posed by his size made him a less viable candidate

Earlier this year, the New Jersey-native announced that he had undergone medical weight loss surgery at the behest of his family.

"This is about my family's future," Christie said of his decision, according to The Huffington Post. Though many pundits intimated that Christie opted for the procedure to curtail any "political vulnerability" his weight could open him up to, the 50-year-old resolutely stated that his health and the security of his family was "more important than running for president."

Obesity has been linked to a number of serious conditions from diabetes to high blood pressure and heart disease.  As such, maintaining a healthy balanced diet and incorporating regular exercise into your routine are two essential practices that can help you age gracefully. Unfortunately though, some people just can't seem to get rid of the weight via these traditional methods.  In such cases, surgery may be the best option.

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