If you have been considering medical weight loss in Houston because weeks, months or years of exercise and dieting have not produced the results you've been looking for, a new study from the University of Adelaide in South Australia may be just the incentive you need to take this step. According to the research, fathers who are battling obesity are more likely to have children who are predisposed to excessive weight gain and related health problems.

A press release from the university states that researchers used an animal model to establish this connection, and found that male mice that were fed the equivalent of a "fast food" diet were more likely to produce offspring with metabolic disorders.

"If these findings hold true in humans, then a father's diet and body composition at the time of conception is likely to affect his future child's health and risk of lifelong disease," explained researcher Tod Fullston, Ph.D.

One potential cause for this correlation could be an observed difference in the certain RNA molecules in the sperm of obese and normal-weight mice, the press release notes.

Past research has largely focused on the impact of an expectant mother's health on her child, but this study indicates that fathers-to-be must also be vigilant about proper nutrition. With this discovery in mind, men who are considering fatherhood should consider consulting one of the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America about medical weight loss in Houston, and other steps they can take to improve their overall health and well-being.