Few things can make you feel older faster than a painful bone-related condition like osteoporosis or arthritis. Anyone who suffers from one of these conditions can tell you that it's difficult to age gracefully when your physical activity is restricted by pain. But, what may be even worse is to purposely hold yourself back from adventurous activities out of fear, as bone loss can increase the risk of serious injury.

So what can you do to fortify your bones so you can keep on pursuing the activities you love? According to a new study presented at the annual Radiological Society of North America (RNSA) conference in Chicago last week, it may be a good idea to lose a few pounds.

Conducted by Mass General Hospital radiologist Dr. Miriam Bredella, the research shows that obese men – particularly those who carry more visceral fat beneath their abdominal muscles – are more likely to have weak bones that could become more brittle and fracture-prone with age. To determine this, Dr. Bredella and her team recruited 35 obese men and measured their Body Mass Index (BMI) and current bone strength.

This, Dr. Bredella said in an RNSA press release, goes against some common assumptions the medical has made about who is and is not at risk for bone loss.

"Most studies on osteoporosis have focused on women," she explained. "Men were thought to be relatively protected against bone loss, especially obese men."

However, though osteoporosis and similar conditions are most common among females, this study reveals that men also must be mindful of their dietary choices to avoid these often painful medical problems.

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