With age, the entire body changes. Between your mental health, the way your immune system functions and your body’s ability to bounce back after physical activity – it’s much different than when you were younger. Muscle injury, for example, could cause irreversible damage.

But what if there was a regenerative solution to this issue? Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology believe stem cell therapy may be the answer to this problem.

The stem cell therapy study

The researchers created a molecular matrix to deliver muscle satellite cells directly to injured muscles among patients who have a difficult time recovering. In the study, they tested the hydrogel on mice.

By the end of the study, the researchers found that the hydrogel successfully delivered the muscle satellite cells to the injured, aged tissue to inspire a positive immune reaction.

One of the study’s principal investigators, Young Jang, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Biological Sciences, explained how muscle satellite cells naturally heal in younger patients. This is something that changes with age.

“Muscle satellite cells naturally age in younger patients.”

“As we age, we lose muscle mass, and the number of satellite cells also decreases. The ones that are left get weaker. It’s a double whammy,” Jang said. “At a very advanced age, a patient stops regenerating muscle altogether.”

The study’s author, Woojin Han, a postdoctoral researcher in Georgia Tech’s School of Mechanical Engineering, believes this mechanism can change everything they know about aging cells and immunity.

“With this system we engineered, we think we can introduce donor cells to enhance the repair mechanism in injured older patients,” Han said. “We also want to get this to work in patients with Duchene muscular dystrophy.”

While still a minor study in animals, it has potential to go to clinical trial and prove to be a step in the right direction for aging humans.

Stem cell therapy at the Longevity Centres

At the Longevity and Stem Cell Centre, we provide stem cell therapy via stromal vascular fraction. We believe it’s one of the most cutting edge techniques in regenerative medicine, providing a pain relief resolution that can also create a variety of organ tissues and mitigate problems associated with autoimmune disorders, cardiac conditions, urological disorders and more.

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