If you carry a bit of extra weight, you're probably all too familiar with the health risks that obesity can pose. In addition to heart disease and diabetes, obesity has been linked to painful conditions like arthritis and a diminished quality of life overall. And, according to a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania, it may have a negative effect on your sex life too.

"Two years after [undergoing medical weight loss surgery…] women reported improvements in their arousal, lubrication, sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction, according to a study published online Nov. 4 in JAMA Surgery," HealthDay News reports.

Lead author and professor David Sarwer commented on these findings, noting that human sexuality is an incredibly nuanced thing that involves both physical properties like hormone levels as well as psychological concerns like perception of self.

Women who underwent some form of medical weight loss were found to have increased levels of sex hormones in their blood, which could play a role in their increased sensation sexually. Sarwer noted, though, that the boost in self-esteem that can often accompany this procedure could also play a key role in this benefit.

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