According to the final FluView report – an initiative by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – of the 2017-2018 flu season, there were 30,451 flu-associated hospitalizations last year alone, making it the worst season in almost a decade. While it’s not possible to predict the severity that may come of the 2018-2019 flu season, prioritizing your own wellness through preventative methods and health maintenance solutions is a smart move.

The CDC regularly reports that the best way to prevent against the flu is by getting the flu vaccine, but there’s a non-traditional option to consider. Restorative medicine through infusion therapy can help you maximize your overall wellbeing, especially during the most vulnerable times.

Can IV infusion therapy prepare you for flu season?

IV infusion therapy is an ideal method for replenishing the immune system, so it only makes sense to consider it during the flu season. It’s an option that delivers vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream, guaranteeing the essentials penetrate deeply into the cells and become quickly absorbed.

“Infusion therapy is an ideal method for replenishing the immune system.”

“Compared to drinking water, you’re getting all those electrolytes without the sugars from drinks like Gatorade,” Stephen Gunnan, an IV therapy expert told WTSP News. “If we can get them a little bit of vitamins and minerals to get them feeling better, that’s what this is doing.”

How the Longevity Centres can help
At the Longevity Centres of America, we want to help our patients make the best lifestyle choices, especially when the immune system is most at risk for developing seasonal cold and flu. Two of our infusion therapy options, Ascorbic Acid and IV Lipid Exchange, are designed to boost immunity – just in time for flu season.

Ascorbic Acid is pure vitamin C. Through infusion therapy, you receive high doses of ascorbic acid directly to the bloodstream so it gets to work instantly. Utilizing a rapid infusion method, you can safely double vitamin C levels in the bloodstream to improve your immunity.

IV Lipid Exchange consists of the combination of IV glutathione and phosphatidylcholine which work against cellular oxidation and oxygen radicals to reinforce the immune system.

For more information on our IV infusion therapy options, contact us directly today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you maintain your overall health and well-being during flu season and beyond.