Aging is a natural part of life, but – as the rejuvenating treatments we offer at Longevity Centres of America so often prove – it is possible to address many of the changes long seen as inevitable. Common complaints like depleted energy or a drop in libido can be mitigated with treatments like hormone pellet implants, for example. In addition, one dermatologist recently touched on how three specific lifestyle factors can influence whether you age gracefully.

In a video clip for The Huffington Post, Dr. Amy Wechsler discussed some of the most frustrating visual aspects of growing older – namely those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Wechsler explains that the depletion of collagen that causes sagging and wrinkling kicks in around age 18, but excessive sun exposure, chronic stress and a long-term smoking habit can all exacerbate these signs.

Dr. Wechsler notes that her priority as a dermatologist isn’t so much to make people appear younger. “I think we should embrace our age no matter what it is,” she said in the segment. Instead, Dr. Wechsler focuses on helping her patients look and feel their very best. That means giving their skin the nourishment it needs and generally pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re concerned about how the choices you make each day are influencing your aging longevity, don’t hesitate to contact our anti-aging doctors in Houston today. Like Dr. Wechsler, we are committed to your happiness and well-being and will support you as you work to better yourself physically and mentally.