Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr. obtained his medical degree in 1992 and has trained in General Surgery and Family Medicine via his time at Martin Luther King County Hospital in Los Angeles, Columbus Hospital in Chicago and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. In this time, he learned the importance of implementing preventative measures as well as treating acute medical issues. The field of restorative medicine is the embodiment of this concept, as treatments like Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, IV Chelation Therapy, and Hormone Pellet Implants can be implemented both to prevent and treat physical and psychological symptoms that arise from excessive toxic buildup and natural hormone imbalances. Like his wife, Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr. is a second-generation medical practitioner who is also deeply invested in the long-term health and well-being of his patients. “Within the Patient-Doctor relationship, I perceive my role as that of a Teacher or a Coach and not that of an overbearing figure who barks out orders that should be followed to the letter,” says Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr.

Restorative Medicine News by Gurney F. Pearsall, Jr., M.D.

social anxiety disorder

How do hormones impact social anxiety?

Apr 17, 2019 in Hormone Balance

Your hormones have a larger impact on your body than you might think. While they...
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How Royalactin Impacts Stem Cells

Mar 07, 2019 in Stem Cell Therapy

There's new buzz around stem cell research, literally Researchers at the Stanford University School of...
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How to Reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Mar 07, 2019 in IV Infusion Therapy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a report by the Institute of...
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Decade-long study shows risk-free heart benefits of HRT

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

Despite the many demonstrated benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a number of women have...
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This Halloween, promote healthy, happy living

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

With Halloween just a day away, many publications have broached the topic of providing healthier...
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Study reveals graver consequences of smoking for aging longevity

A four-prong approach to aging gracefully

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

According to, medical researchers have unearthed four lifestyle choices that, together, can have incredible...
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Mercury exposure in utero may increase risk of ADHD, study shows

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

On the tail of a recent report, featured by this blog, regarding the alarmingly high...
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The truth about hormone replacement therapy

Menopause and weight gain: Is it inevitable?

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

The onset of menopause poses a number of challenges (and frustrations) for most women. After...
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How your lifestyle choices can affect your long-term memory

Obesity can lead to impaired brain function, further unhealthy choices

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

For many people, losing weight isn't simply about looking better, it's about feeling better too....
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The benefits of compounded hormone pellet implant therapy

Growth hormone deficiencies common post-combat

Mar 07, 2019 in Longevity Center

There are already several reasons why a person may be diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency....
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Dr. Pearsall was terrific

Dr. Pearsall was terrific. Took the time to explain any and all procedures. Very informative....
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- Warren R.

Hyperbaric chamber injury

The hyperbaric chamber is helping me heal an injury. The surprise benefit is my skin...
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- Suzanne S.

Helped my child severe outbursts

Dr. Pearsall is the first doctor that has ever helped my 11-year-old daughter. She took...
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- Beth L.

Quality of life significantly improved

I have been a patient of Dr. Pearsall for more than 10 years. Most importantly,...
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- Alex L.

So thankful I was introduced to Dr Pearsall

So thankful I was introduced to Dr. Gurney and Dr. Pearsall and their wonderful staff!...
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- Rochelle H.

Gurney Pearsall Amazing Anti Aging Doctor

Dr. Marina Pearsall and Dr. Gurney Pearsall are not only amazing in their practice but...
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- Lucia N

Flawless Travel Arrangements & Procedure

All arrangements, lodging, appointments, etc had been made for us so the process was very...
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- Gayle S

Science Based Anti Aging Therapies

Very professional....therapies based on sound science. My life has definitely been enhanced....
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- David W.

Chelation treatment in Houston!

I was grateful to find Chelation treatment in Houston! Completed over 40 treatments, as prescribed...
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- Pieter V.

I Trust Doctor Pearsall

I have been a patient of Dr. G. Pearsall for years now. I will never...
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- Teresita M.