The joint pain caused by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis may be one of the most restrictive elements of the aging process. Regardless of how energetic you may feel, if basic motions become increasingly impossible, you simply won't be able to pursue everything you wish to. However, the findings from a November study conducted at the University of St Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon, may be able to help you regain control of your mobility.

According to a press release from the Medical journal publisher Wiley-Blackwell, scientists from the academic institution conducted interviews with 250 people currently battling some form of arthritis to gain a sense of how people choose to treat and live with this issue. Just under 25 percent of the study participants said that they employed complementary and alternative treatments (CAT) in addition to a conventional medication-based approach, and the results were very promising for arthritic individuals everywhere.

By incorporating habits like acupuncture and yoga into their regular routines, 67 percent of people who used CAT reported that they'd substantially improved their condition – and ultimately, their lives.  As well as restricting physical activity, arthritis pain can also disrupt normal sleeping habits. However, the participants that CAT helped remedy all of these problems.

"CAT use is increasing and this study shows that it provided self-reported benefits for patient with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis," said Professor Nada Alaaeddine, lead author of the study. She warned, though, that people taking arthritis medication should consult their doctors before adopting new treatments.

Whether you're one of the 5 million Americans currently living with arthritis, or simply want to reduce your risk of developing this condition later on, the anti-aging doctors at Longevity Centres of America can help. Studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy – particularly progestin and estrogen pellet implants for women – can promote overall bone health.