Many men and women notice a drop in libido as they grow older, due to the natural leveling off of testosterone and estrogen levels. In many cases, this issue can be remedied with hormone pellet implants. However, if you have recently suffered a heart attack, you may be reluctant to speak to your doctor about this concern, and could even fear that it's unsafe to rev up your sex life.

According to a recent press release from the American Heart Association (AHA), you aren't alone.

"Patients are anxious and often afraid sex will trigger another cardiac event – but the topic sometimes gets passed over because of embarrassment or discomfort," said Elaine Steinke, A.P.R.N., Ph.D of Wichita State University in Kansas, who is the lead author of an official statement from the AHA that specifically addresses sexual health post-heart attack.

Approximately 715,000 Americans experience cardiac arrest every year according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the AHA argues that more must be done to proactively reach out to these individuals about how and when they will be able to reengage in physical intimacy. Measures outlined within the new directives include routine assessments of cardiac health in the context of sexual ability, as well as ongoing counseling about comfort level, heart-healthy positions and other factors.

Though sexual health can have a huge impact on your overall quality of life, many people still feel uncomfortable speaking up when they have concerns about pain, dryness or their overall sex drive. At Longevity Centres of America in Houston, we can help you address these concerns with hormone pellet therapy. Contact us today to learn more.