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Use the Health Age and Life Expectancy calculator below to estimate your “health age” and projected life expectancy.

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In addition to your genetic makeup, there are several lifestyle factors that can influence whether or not you will age gracefully. Many individuals may moderate one or two elements in their daily life – such as their day-to-day cholesterol intake and exercise regimen – but, in reality, turning back the clock requires a more comprehensive approach.

At Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston, we specialize in a wide array of Restorative Medical treatments that can help address the genetic and environmental elements that may keep you from living a full and invigorating life as the years roll on. Drs. Gurney Pearsall, Jr. and Marina Pearsall have been practicing in the field of Restorative Medicine for decades, helping countless patients recover their youthful lust for life through the implementation of Restorative Medical and detoxification treatments like Stem Cell Therapy, hormone pellet therapy, IV chelation and hyperbaric oxygen chamber use.

But, before the experienced anti-aging doctors at Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston can help you combat the physical and mental decline that are too often perceived as inevitable aspects of the aging process, they must first determine your “health age” – based on your current lifestyle and potential risk for ailments that may impair your aging longevity.

What is my “health age”?

Have you ever heard a phrase along the lines of “30 is the new 40”? Such statements are an excellent illustration of a simple fact – namely, that the details on your birth certificate don’t have to dictate your physical and mental state. Instead, it is your “health age” that can determine your overall health and energy level. Whatever ideas you may have of what it means to be 40, 50 or beyond, you don’t simply have to accept the limitations associated with age. By carefully adjusting your lifestyle and investing in the right anti-aging treatment, you may be able to regain control of your mind and body and continue to live your life as you choose.

How can I determine my “health age”?

While the Restorative Medical doctors at Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston will conduct various tests and ask you detailed questions about your medical history and other factors that may influence your current health age, they have also developed a simple age calculator so you can get a basic idea of how the choices you are making now are affecting your long-term well-being and aging longevity.

If you’re on the fence about whether you can benefit from a Restorative Medical consultation, why not use our Age Calculator to determine your metabolic health age and projected life expectancy?

Our age calculator utilizes details about the following factors, among others to determine where you fall in terms of projected aging longevity:

  • Average physical activity
  • Body Mass Index (i.e the percentage of fat versus muscles and other tissue)
  • Current cholesterol and blood pressure ratings
  • Dietary makeup
  • Exposure to and management of stress in your daily life
  • Frequency of medical examinations and health screenings
  • Genetic predisposition for heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions
  • How well your family members of aged
  • Potentially detrimental habits such as drinking and smoking and general drug use
  • Preexisting medical issues such as diabetes or digestive problems
  • Psychological state as influenced by your professional and personal life.

All of these elements and more come together to determine how well you can expect to age in the coming years. However, remember that they don’t necessarily have to seal your fate. By identifying your risk factors and treating them through infusion therapy, hormone pellet implants and other forms of anti-aging medicine, you may be able to reverse some of the environmental and purely biological elements that can rob you of your youthful energy and vitality.

Health Age and Life Expectancy


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Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Cholesterol (or total cholesterol / HDL ratio)

Blood pressure (systolic / diastolic)



Body fat



Physical activity (work, recreation, and exercise)


Medical exam and screening tests (blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes)


Lung (including tuberculosis and pneumonia)

Digestive tract



Medical (women only)

Women’s Health care

Birth control pill









Regular meals







Love and marriage

Job satisfaction




Seat belt usage

Risk-taking (motorcycle, mountain climb, skydive, higher risk job, etc.)


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