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In 1998 Dr. Marina Pearsall established the Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston as a haven for patients focused upon the concept of Prevention as the key to longevity and good health. In the summer of 2000, Dr. Gurney Pearsall joined his wife and shares her philosophy of the Preventative Medicine model.

Dr. Marina Pearsall has extensive training and work experience in the fields of Restorative Medicine, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, Cardiology, Cardiac Physiology, Internal Medicine, and Bariatric Medicine. She promotes Wellness & Prevention within her medical practice.

Dr. Marina Pearsall

About Dr. Marina Pearsall

Dr. Marina Pearsall obtained her medical degree in 1981 with a fellowship in cardiology. As the daughter of two physicians, her interest in helping others overcome the conditions that ailed them developed at an early age. With her parents’ guidance, she learned that charts and tests results are only one aspect of the treatment process, and that listening to the concerns of each individual patient was also a vital part of addressing any health issues.

“I believe in treating the patient as a whole and not as his or her individual symptoms,” says Dr. Marina Pearsall. “Unfortunately, such an approach doesn’t fit today’s high-volume, minimum time per patient one symptom at a time medicine.” So, in order to ensure that her patients received better more individually focused care, she chose to open her own practice.

As a restorative medical specialist, Dr. Marina Pearsall devotes herself entirely to helping patients overcome many common obstacles that arise during the aging process and allow them to continue living their lives to the fullest. To do this, she has pioneered such innovative technologies as hormone implant therapy – the most effective form of hormone replacement therapy currently in use – and IV micronutrient therapy.

About Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr.

Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr. obtained his medical degree in 1992 and has trained in General Surgery and Family Medicine via his time at Martin Luther King County Hospital in Los Angeles, Columbus Hospital in Chicago and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. In this time, he learned the importance of implementing preventative measures as well as treating acute medical issues.

The field of restorative medicine is the embodiment of this concept, as treatments like Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, IV Chelation Therapy and Hormone Pellet Implants can be implemented both to prevent and treat physical and psychological symptoms that arise from excessive toxic buildup and natural hormone imbalances.

Like his wife, Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr. is a second-generation medical practitioner who is also deeply invested in the long-term health and well-being of his patients.

“Within the Patient-Doctor relationship, I perceive my role as that of a Teacher or a Coach and not that of an overbearing figure who barks out orders that should be followed to the letter,” says Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr.

Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr.

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