For men and women who would rather not use prescription medicines, consider restorative medicine through Longevity and Stem Cell Centre of Houston. Our approach is simple: We use advanced medical technologies and offer alternative medicine to detect, treat and prevent a variety of complicated conditions and debilitating diseases. While we offer many advanced medical techniques, three treatment methods we offer include stem cell therapy, infusion therapy and compounded hormone replacement therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy
Over the years, stem cell therapy has slowly begun to take its place in the medical community as a viable treatment method for a variety of conditions. Many scientists are now studying how stem cells can be used to treat serious diseases such as brain cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and obstructive pulmonary disease, to name a few.

What are stem cells you ask? That’s a good question!

Scientists first collected stem cells from mice in the early 1980s and, in the late 1990s, found a way to draw these cells from human embryos and then grow them. From there, scientists also discovered the use of non-embryonic stem cells from different parts of the body such as the patient’s bone marrow and the belly.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Along with stem cell treatments, we also offer hormone replacement therapy. This procedure helps people, usually women going through menopause, balance their hormone levels by using hormones that are identical to the ones currently in the patient’s body. In turn, this helps them balance moods, health and metabolism levels, to name a few. Why is it important that people balance their bodies? If they don’t, they may not feel like themselves.

If you’re not sure whether hormone replacement therapy is right for you, consider this: A study found that women aged 18 to 89 who used this therapy experienced a 25 percent decrease in emotional liability, 25 percent decrease in irritability, 22 percent decrease in anxiety and a 14 percent reduction in night sweats.

If you’re thinking of scheduling Hormone Replacement Therapy, consider Hormone Pellet Implant Therapy. Prior to the procedure, we administer anesthetics to the patient and then embed a small pellet beneath their skin. Over time, the body slowly absorbs hormones from the pellet. The end result is a balanced level of hormones that are on par with that of your youth.

Infusion Therapy
In some cases, we notice that diet change and oral vitamins are not enough to treat certain conditions. In these cases, we may recommend using infusion therapy. During this process, we directly inject vitamins into a person’s veins. With oral vitamins, nutrients are first digested and dispersed to various parts of the body, causing them to lose their effectiveness. Direct injection ensures nutrients en route to cells aren’t blocked by the digestive tract and liver.

Our infusion therapies include IV Lipid Exchange, Dental Amalgam Protocol, Chronic Fatigue, Chelation ACAM Protocol, Chelation Longevity Infusion Protocol, Ascorbic Acid and Alpha Lipoc Acid. At first, you may not be sure which procedure is best for you, but leave the decision making to us. After we recommend a treatment, we’ll thoroughly review the procedure and post-treatment processes with you, and make sure you’re completely comfortable with scheduling the infusion therapy. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of patient care and professional medical ethics whether we’re conducting stem cell therapy, hormone replacement therapy or infusion therapy.

Dr. Pearsall, who wanted to find new, more effective ways to administer nutrients into the body, heavily influenced our decision to use infusion therapies.

For nearly 60 combined years, Dr. Marina Pearsall and Dr. Gurney Pearsall, Jr., have been treating patients and offering solutions that inspect the multiple causes of mental and physical issues. Longevity Centres uses the latest laboratory analysis and diagnostic testing to achieve real, identifiable results. For more information, visit us at

Longevity offers a variety of restorative medicines including stem cell therapy, hormone replacement therapy and infusion therapy.