Many overweight Americans try to lose that weight and get fit, but they're not all doing so the right way. This can be counterproductive and even hazardous to your health.

If you'd like to lose a few pounds, think about signing on to an alternative weight-loss program through Longevity Centres of America. Here are three reasons this program is much safer and more effective than others:

"Aggressive diet strategies can cause people to lose energy, and have both gout and bladder attacks."

1. It adheres to a holistic approach
Too often, overweight individuals turn to rapid weight-loss diets to get healthy. You've likely seen certain people – such as contestants on reality shows – rapidly lose weight. You might even know people who have taken part in aggressive diet plans that severely limit what they eat and how much they consume.

Here's the problem with these plans: According to Food Talk, they can cause people to lose energy along with the weight, and could lead to both gout and bladder attacks.

The source notes that fast-acting plans typically constrain your carbohydrate intake. However, to perform at their peak during a workout, muscles need carbs.

Medical weight loss treatments performed by Longevity & Stem Cell Centre of Houston don't just look to reduce your weight. They also focus on balancing your hormones, which are often associated with obesity.

2. They're safer
Aggressive weight-loss programs may or may not adequately address vitamin intake (We tend to lean toward the latter opinion.) If you choose such a regimen and it negatively impacts your body's vitamin levels, this can be a serious mistake. It's critical that you receive enough nutrients and vitamins throughout your diet program, and especially after each workout.

We take the time to understand your body, condition and goals – to come up with a solution that's right for you.

3. They can be for any age
Whether you're young or old, obesity can be a major problem. However, your age can limit your ability to consistently visit the gym or follow a rigorous dietary and exercise regimen. This is where medical weight loss comes into play.

Medical weight loss is much gentler on your body, but will still help you get fit and feel great. Additionally, those who struggle to work out because of a persistent medical condition may find this method to be a much more appealing practice.

If you're overweight, it's essential that you take the time and effort to get back into shape and restore any lost self-confidence. But if you don't want to – or simply can't – work out at a gym, think about undergoing medical weight loss, with the assistance of Longevity Centres of America.