The Dynamed 2000

This wonderful device helps our patients fight one of the most important and difficult battles…the battle with their own “slow” metabolism.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), measured in calories, is the rate at which our bodies spend energy for the basic activities of life such as breathing, circulating blood flow, etc. Even while we are sleeping, all of our life support systems are in full operation. Unfortunately, everybody has a different BMR. A person who is thin generally has a higher BMR than a person who is obese. Men typically have a higher BMR than women. Our BMR typically declines with age. Lastly and most importantly, when we lower our food intake, such as through diet, we also lower our BMR.

There are a number of ways you can change your metabolism to enable you to burn more calories. The most common way to change your BMR is to engage in vigorous activity, such as exercise. For those who are severely overweight, have bad knees or are just too out of shape exercise is not an option. The DynaMed 2000 is invaluable in cases like these. It is designed to increase your BMR just as you would if you were to vigorously exercise. It operates by using dry heat to increase the rates of the body’s BMR. As the body temperature rises due to exercise or exposure to heat, our BMR rises 6% for every degree raised. Sweating also burns 0.58 calories for each gram of perspiration.

During a single session you will:

  • Burn 500 to 700 calories, on average
  • Raise your metabolic rate by 400%
  • Promote the breakdown of stored fat due to the increased secretion of hormones such as adrenaline and reduced secretion of insulin. Stored fat is thereby broken down and released into the bloodstream as “free fatty acids” which are subsequently oxidized for the production of energy
  • Adjust your BMR’s “Set Point” to a higher level so that your body consumes more calories each day